CASE STUDY: Best Selling “Pi Day” Shirt EXPOSED – Merch By Amazon Tut

hello I’m sunny in this video we’re gonna be talking about the PI promotional shirts that I was doing on merch by Amazon this is gonna be a kind of a case study essentially where I’m gonna run you through exactly what I did for my Pi Day shirts I’m going to tell you exactly what I made from them I’m going to show you exactly what my ad campaigns were and the processes in that I’m gonna show you exactly everything how how everything was with my pie day shirts keep in mind that I am doing this video on go over here doing this video on March 11th hai day is of course on March 14th this video has data all the way up to March 10th and keep in mind that any orders any orders of shirts that were ordered on March 10th are able to be delivered by two day delivery on March 12th or in guarantee delivery by March 13th and to the March 11th which is today this is like 12 o’clock in the morning these number I don’t have any data for this for these shirts yet because it’s well it’s still the same day but these shirts will be able to be delivered by two day on 3rd on the 13th and then guaranteed I believe it will be on the 14th so I should did today should be the last day of the short the shirt spike and I should start seeing the drop-off on the 12th leading up into pi day so I still do got one more big day ahead of me for my pi day shirt so just keep that in mind when I’m showing you use numbers I’ll probably have another 50 or 60 more sales from the pie day shirts today maybe more I don’t know I don’t remember how it went last year but I mean I may have a little bit more than that going going on today as the date goes through so make sure that if you aren’t a subscriber to inside merch on YouTube that you do go ahead and subscribe to that channel every subscription helps it helps get my videos circulated throughout YouTube and I have some great videos anyhow make sure that you check and check the Bell notification icon so that you get updated when I do put out new videos just a little side note here this video is the first video that I’m putting out this month I still do have to put out my monthly numbers for February for all the different platforms that I’m on so just keep in mind that them videos are going to be coming later and I’m gonna have some more content based around keywords for these upcoming holidays and product research for these upcoming holidays so definitely make sure you subscribe to your channel so you get more information about that but let’s move on to the actual products that the two shirts that I was having success with on pi day so let’s start at the beginning here as you can see here I’m not hiding nothing you could even see what the Aysen numbers are for each of these shirts here the reason I’m showing you this information here is because it’s gonna be very hard for somebody to really do anything to affect my cells at this point in the in the game at this point in the year of course they can affect my next year cells if I have these same shirts but we’ll worry about that next year I guess but at the let’s start at the beginning like I said so the way that I approach these seasonal type shirts is I will create about 20 different designs I will create a design and then I will normally also create its I’m really Creighton only 10 designs but I’m creating the core design and then I’m creating a distressed version of the core does and what I do is once I created the the product I’m gonna get it listed on Amazon and then I’m gonna go and I’m gonna go to AMS and I’m gonna run targeted keyword ads to to that product to get initial clicks on it so the way that I do it is I’m the key phrase like I’ll take the top 5 key phrases that I want to to be targeted on these products here and let’s let’s actually go to my AMS campaign here and you can see that I have pi shirts keywords so actually let’s open that we’ll look at that real quick so you can get an idea and let’s go to my target so you could see that I have 44 keywords being targeted here for the initial listing I did about five keywords okay and they were pi day pi day pi day shirt pi day T space shirt I did three point four shirts I did pi shirts and I did pi day now each of these key phrases I did in both and exact a phrase and I did it as broad for my initial listing so what I did is I listed it on a marked by Amazon then I immediately ran the campaign with these keywords the reason why I didn’t I did this instead of doing an auto campaign which most people will tell you is to do an auto campaign initially it’s because it takes a few hours to a couple of days for Amazon to index your listing okay so if you automatically create an automatic campaign for your listing what will happen is Amazon is gonna kind of guess what your listings about based around your keywords okay in your listing now if you didn’t optimize your keywords where most of the time your initial listing won’t be optimized because you want to continue to go through the optimization process as you build out the the listing as it gets closer and closer to the initial holiday what amazon is gonna do is they’re gonna literally look at the listing and they’re just gonna kind of like half-ass kind of just put your put your process in front of people not very targeted it’s just gonna you’re gonna get a whole bunch of empty impressions that aren’t going to be clicks there are no conversions so what I do why do these initial keyword campaigns first is within the first 48 48 to 72 hours what I want to happen is I want to get some initial cells and based on these exact keywords okay so this is so when Amazon does go and starts is indexing it’s gonna already have some pre-approved keywords that are already attached to my listing because I have confirmed clicks impossible cells for these keywords already so even if I don’t have these exact phrases listed throughout my my product listing Amazon already knows this is a shirt about pi day and they’re gonna start to put me in in these keyword categories around pi day even if it couldn’t derive that from my actual listing ok and then once I brought I do this for about a week or so and then I’ll create the automatic campaign so if we go back over here you see I having an automatic campaign here we open this and we look at the campaign all right and then once all what will happen is I’ll I’ll let the automatic campaign just run forever okay and you can see you don’t get a lot of clicks from the automatic campaign but you do get some conversions and it converts at a pretty decent a cost if you if you do the manual targeting first okay because you’re you’re you’re feeding Amazon the information it needs for the auto campaign if you don’t do this part first Amazon is essentially just guessing for the second part okay normally what people would do before they did the automatic campaign for like all the FBA sellers they’ll wait till they get sales and reviews before they do the automatic campaign so Amazon already has that sells data to run the auto campaign on with merge by Amazon we don’t have that benefit a lot of our products get very few reviews and if you’re in a pop soccer category mostly your reviews are going to be bad anyways because the pop sockets to be honest aren’t very good the quality of the prop socket aren’t very good the art might be awesome the quality of the pop socket aren’t very good they they they tend not to stick very long or for very well so we got to do a lot of our ad spend without reviews on our products and so by doing the keyword the keyword campaign first it allows us to really build out our auto campaign even better okay so once I have the keyword campaign going I run my auto campaign for another week so we got we’re about two weeks in and so I’m getting cells from the keywords and I’m getting cells from the auto and I’m looking at the a costs for my different phrases here and I’m disabling ones that aren’t cost effective okay and I’m adjusting the pricing scheme or my campaigns so for my what I like to do when I do in an initial campaign um I will run a a dramatic down only I’ll start the initial for the initial like let’s just say three or four days I’ll do a bid of 50 60 or 70 cents depending on how I fill the camp dug the categories gonna how competitive the category is gonna be I’ll do a budget of $5 and I won’t have any additional bids upwards for the Justus bid placements all right I’ll let that run for like I said about three to five days and so I can get the information about how it’s converting okay then what I’ll do is I will actually lower the the default bid by let’s just say if I started at let’s say 50 I’ll lower it to 40 but what I’ll do is then I’ll increase the the bidding strategy here to percentage-wise to 100% for top page listings and 100% for product listings I’ll let it run for a few more days see how that goes then I’ll drop it down again to another thirty to thirty cents but I’ll increase this to two hundred three hundred percent same thing here two hundred three hundred percent and what I’m doing is while the default bid is going down my actual bid that I’m gonna end up paying for most of my clicks for is actually going up because what I’m doing instead of stead of getting with the default bid I might get a placement in the third fourth or fifth page I’m lowering the cost of my default bid so my default bid is gonna put me further down in the listings but what I’m doing is I’m increasing my search presence on the first page in on product pages okay if you don’t know product pages are where most conversions happen not just conversions for the product that they’re looking at conversions for other products on that page that are being suggested by Amazon most of the cells that happen on Amazon happened within product pages so it’s very important that you get your presence on product pages so what I’m doing is I’m putting my listing further and further back in the biddings in the bids on in amazon by default but I’m increasing my presence on the first page okay Amazon is pay I’m still paying more for that first page bid because that’s where I want to be I want to be on the first page I don’t care if people are going having to dig three or four or five pages in because by the time someone’s looked that far in they’re either not gonna look they’re not looking about to buy or they most likely found something earlier on to interest them and they’re just looking through now so what I want to be in is in the top page but I don’t want to I don’t want to raise this without lowering this because then I end up paying and act more than I need to pay to be in on the first page so what I’m trying to do is I’m trying to figure out how much do I need to pay here and adjust that price here so that I get on the first page with the least amount of money essentially and that’s what that’s what I’m kind of doing here I’m trying to figure it out normally the way it works is I’ll work my way down to a default bit of ten cents you know most of the time I’ll be somewhere in the 500 to 600 maybe 700 percent for top page and you normally don’t have to go higher than 500 percent for a product page to get your click on a product page so I end up not paying for all the the dead clicks and only paying for first page clicks most of the time and if we look at my actual campaign you could see that my cost per per click on average was about 70 cents 83 cents 56 cents 35 cents these were all mostly most of them were came from like a first page click very very few of these probably came from having people having to go further into the search to find my listing and I’ll do the exact same thing for or my auto campaign auto campaign you tend to have to bid higher because it’s a much broader search so you can see that while I was over here doing 500 500 for the auto for me to get clicks I had to go a little bit higher 600 600 he had this at 900 before which is the max which you can do back when I was I was trying to get Amazon to really force Amazon into looking at my listing and kind of aggressively getting it up there but as my listing got more and more ranking I didn’t need to put so much effort into getting to the top of search because my listing was just naturally moving up and then my last campaign that was I actually have five campaigns but i disabled these two because they didn’t this one here the cost per the the the a cost was way too high and so I had to sacrifice it doesn’t matter that I had a sell the the a cost was too high it wasn’t converting at the rate that I wanted to convert you could see that I got I only got one sell on this one and spent eleven dollars and twelve cents right on this one here I got I don’t know how many that is but I got one hundred and sixty four dollars in sales here and I only spent $20 only twice as much you see and I spent I got thirty two clicks on this one here I only got twenty five clicks on this one so the a costs way way different here for twelve percent versus seventy forces so you got it sometimes you gotta sacrifice ads that aren’t performing even if it does have a Celt attached to it you know because in the long run you don’t want to be wasting your money because that digs into your profits and then this last one just wasn’t successful at all it got fifteen clicks no conversions I knew that was a dead one especially with all the impressions that it was getting um and then this last one here I actually only got I did this this is a targeted prog product listing and this one here I did in the I do two weeks up into the Holloway holiday so the holiday that I’m looking for is March 4th so I started this campaign around this week here so that are I think I actually did it closer to the beginning of the month that way what I’m looking for is I’m looking I wanted Amazon to tell me which shirts were selling the best for this holiday or for for pi day okay so I found the listings that were there were selling the best for for pi day and I specifically targeted them lit that the list them listings there I had 13 listings I specifically targeted them the listings there and you could see that by targeting them listings and I use the same bidding strategy as I did before except a little bit more aggressive so you don’t have as much time frame you have to kind of work your way down to the to the 10 cent thing I actually decided to stop at 15 just because it was convert it was starting to really do some some good conversion so I kept it at 15 and I just increased the percentage by just a small amount and we’ll see how that works out because I did that today we’ll see how that works out tomorrow but you can see that people were going and we were looking at they were actually looking at other PI shirts these are other pi day shirts okay and they clicked on my my my ad and I got the cell I got a cell from another pi day shirt so inside someone else’s listing I’m getting their sales okay that’s how that works and this is a minor kind of hidden holiday most people don’t even know about you do these you do these techniques on major holidays like Mother’s Day Thanksgiving Halloween Christmas you can expect numbers way better than this is a day this is people people have to know about pi day to even start searching for pi day everybody knows about christmas so then with the three different campaigns that I use I used to I start with the keyword campaign then I do the auto campaign and then I do a product targeting campaign okay and then what I’ll do also is you can see these other keyword campaigns these other keyword campaigns grew out of the the keywords that came from the auto campaign so after a few weeks I looked at the auto campaign I’ve seen what words people were searching to get the clicks and I created a new couple of new listings and I would just wanted to see how how well them keywords converted that it ended up not converting very well and so I just abled it but you always want to play with what people are actually using it’s very hard to do that strategy with merged by Amazon products it’s because we don’t get reviews a lot on our products so it’s really hard to reviewed products really get stacked very high in listings the rankings but let let’s back away from and just give you perspective about just these ads here I did spend a one hundred and fifty six dollars and eighty cents for these this set of ads which generated seven hundred and twelve dollars and fifty five cents of revenue not profit revenue within a cost of twenty two percent which is about even or slightly above even so I made a slight profit from all the cells with these ads and we got about forty forty three orders here and all right so let’s actually go back to my oops we’re gonna take this off screen real quick so I can sign in you and I mean one second to get back to my screen Hey all right so these are the two search that sold the most actually that’s not within the proper time frame go up here and Shh time frame I’m looking for let’s look at the last 90 days the shore was actually created in January 29th yeah oh I don’t think that updated do this again you see if after do that search again I’m gonna have to do a search so I’m gonna end up having to do a lot of editing on this video unfortunately I had some of these these products you go because while I would love to show you every single product that I do make profit from it is not practical for me to do that as people will abuse and try to get my listings did leave delisted or copy them which is unfortunate that people do that’s type of stuff but these are the two listings and if we actually go ahead and open these listings here this listing here it was just a one-off like I said I do about 10 designs two versions of the 10 designs this one ended up not selling a lot so I removed that in a keep in mind also when I’m when we talk about these ad campaigns these ad campaigns are running all 20 ads and as I start to figure out are all 20 products on each of these ad campaigns as I start to figure out which of the products actually are converting I will remove the other products from the ad set so that all the money starts to go to the successful ads and these are the two products here as you can see they are the same product the same design I should say it’s just the regular version and the distressed version so if you happen to see these products this is my listing and if we go down to I believe which one was the more successful one yeah yeah is that listing okay so the distress version all right so the distress version is the one that sold for it sold a hundred and twenty two versions so far look at the rankings for this product we got a best seller rank of 3500 and then we got we even got a sub a sub 100 ranking here for girls novelty t-shirts um and if we actually look at that listing there we can see that yeah so we got 49 of the cells were from women and 13 was for top or for kids so I guess we have we had a lot of kids shirts there that’s why it drops so it solo No pretty good pretty good ranking for the boys novelty shirts and then of course there is women’s uploaded oh it was actually uploaded on January 26 which actually that takes the ads a couple more days I don’t think I had I might have had a couple more cells than I thought that you seen there from three different days I thought I uploaded on January 29th but it was January 26th and we can if we look at the second shirt which didn’t sell as much but only by a few only short by a few we can look at that shirt also which is which one is this okay this is the stressed one and this is the normal one you can see that this one actually had a better ranking the reason this has a better ranking is because this shirt is selling more on yesterday and the day before then this shirt okay but this shirt the distressed version sold more from the creation date up until a couple days ago it was selling at a higher rate so while this one does have a a worse score than this one but ended ups is sold more okay we’re score but sold more this one has a lower score but so less only because it’s selling more at the current time at this current time its selling more so best seller ranks are generated every few hours I believe maybe every three hours I think definitely every single day they’re updated so the more you sell on that day at the lower your rankings gonna also go so we can see that this one’s at 1700 and it has a good rank across all the different categories again uploaded the exact same day and if we take out to look at the listings this one is actually has my updated updated listing and this one has my older listing information so the way I unusually went after this is I went after a the actually if we go back to this listing here this one I don’t think I’ve ever done any changes to yeah okay so this one’s actually gonna be the better eye the better look okay so if we look at my initial listing this is how the initial listing looked I did funny geek and nerd math science t-shirts okay and then I did 314 pi day t as in the word t-shirt for teachers professors and math fans okay and then we can see the evolution of that is I went from from funny geek nerd and maths science t-shirts tea miss space shirt gift ideas I converted that down to on a geek and nerd math science gift ideas so we took the t-shirt out okay get the same title you could see that my initial pricing was at $14.99 and I and I priced it up to 1699 you can see these new shirts are selling at 1699 currently and then a just a little sidestep here the way I do pricing this video is gonna be all over the place the way I do pricing is I start at a almost not profitable price what I’m looking to do is I’m trying to get my ranking up okay so what I’ll do is I will price it somewhere in the 90s I always end it with 99 so the profit range here is like I think I actually started cheaper than this maybe maybe I did start at $14.99 but I could have started at $13.99 I don’t I forget what what standard shirts base cost are but I started at a less than a dollar profit I know that for certain and then as it goes into ranking once I see that it dropped into the the five thousand five hundred thousand ranking I’ll up it by like 25 cents okay then once I see that it dropped to the 250 thousand ranking up it another 25 cents I see that it goes into the hundred thousand ranking I’ll draw up it another 25 cents and then when it gets into the the the like 7,500 of 75,000 ranking I’ll up it to like another 25 cents and then eventually you get to the actual desired price would you hopefully this will all happen within the time frame that you want for the holiday okay but I actually got this up to 1699 and I could probably actually up it to brow probably $17.99 if I wanted to for this last day and I was able to do that by making sure that I timed all my pricing correctly and a good a good thing to note is that every single time I did a price change Amazon comes back and reevaluate your page you’ll see a small boost in your in your your page ranking once you do a change on your listing because every time you do a change amazon has to come back and look at what you did what you change and adjust the cells ranking on that prior or adjust the indexing of that product so if you change the title amazon needs to come in there and see what you added so they could see is are there any new relevant terms that are associated with that with that product and what this does is it tends to give you a small little tiny boost and BSR and so every single time we did a price change I got a small little tiny boost MBSR which gave me a little bit more presence which ended up allowing me to get a little bit more sales and you know these things just keep adding up this one of course wasn’t successful so I didn’t I didn’t keep bust up bumping the price up because it didn’t hit the ranking that I needed it to hit but these two did and I slowly started walking them up okay but that’s how I did my pricing essentially as a side note but you could see that from the evolution of this this title here we went to this title and then we finally um actually didn’t change it this this is still live as this but I ended up changing this listing here to just do pi day apparel apparel and gifts because I didn’t have a pyrrole anywhere in these listings here and I wanted to see how that ranked how that would rank and it turned out to be a good idea because this shirt is selling more than this shirt even though this shirt was initially selling more than this shirt so the changes that I made here ended up in a long run benefiting this listing over this listing even though in the short run these words worked better for this this listing for the listings so you kind of you have to constantly be upgrading your listings to see what what works and what doesn’t work don’t be afraid to go backwards even if you found something that was a it wasn’t working and I don’t think that my my listings it’s weird that I’m this listing here I got a period but on this listing here I don’t got appear in Amazon actually suggests that you do not in your your bullets with parrot periods for for whatever reason they did research into it like bullets that don’t have punctuation at the end sell more than then ones that do have punctuation at the end so they’ve they’ve done the research on that and that’s most likely why I took it off because I didn’t realize that I had a punctuation mark at the end there and then again no change there so really the only thing that I ended up changing was for these two listings from the initial listing to this to this listing was the brand now from this listing to this listing so the distressed version to the normal version I actually ended up ditching changing the title so you could see that I had tea here the word tea spelt out and then shirt and then here I did tea – shirt so I was messing with the the wording just a small small change to see how that would affect the listing I knew for certain by looking at how my ads were doing that that having three 3.14 Pi Day t-shirts t-shirts professors and math fans was these were all converting keywords I needed to keep these in there but I could always play with the word t-shirt to see how that would adjust the rankings and it in the end in the end a change a brand and the change in uh in the word t-shirt actually allowed this shirt to sell more than this shirt in the time that mattered which is the last the few days coming up leading into the holiday which is when you’re going to see that your highest amount of converting cells so if we actually just look at the actual listening itself a lot of people when they do the pied a shirt like if we actually let’s just yeah let’s let’s look at look at this is type in pi day sure he has and this is to that pi day t-shirt let’s go and we’re gonna look at nope we’re gonna look at just uh just merged by Amazon clothing here all right so these are just merged by Amazon listings here and you can see of course my search is gonna be slightly different than yours just because I am currently signed in to Amazon and so it’s gonna adjust my search based on my shopping habits but this should be comparatively what you see when you look at at your your thing here so we could see that if we look at the stuff here a lot of these they don’t have like they don’t they don’t target particular keywords like the the teachers professors and math students because these are the guys who are gonna be wearing pi day shirts your every averaged a person may wear a pi day shirt but like your teachers and your professors are gonna come to school on that day with a happy pi day shirt and they may give some to the students or the students may buy some you know because it’s gonna be a pi day or they might have a pi day celebration at school or something for a younger younger generation so I really wanted to make sure that I targeted schools in the environment of the schools and you can see there are a lot of these listings like this one here is and you can see that it’s selling a lot because it has three reviews for sure they have three reviews it means that it’s sold a lot I’m or it’s an older shirt this has math in there but a lot of these aren’t targeting this one is just overpriced let’s look at a look at what would it sell it sell it rank is at so it’s actually selling very well so it’s a it’s probably selling very well which is why it could get to that price point so this looks like an older listing because I don’t think you can get away with with having this as a brand when did this happen it is sure come on actually February 10th so this listing is doing very well despite it being even an even newer shirt than mine you don’t you shouldn’t you shouldn’t create brands like this this this this shirt could get its its shirt flagged they don’t want you using kids man women like that it’s it’s kind of spammy the descriptions aren’t very I don’t know they’re not very readable but it’s it’s selling well it’s sewing well at a good price point so let me see if I can get pricing history on this one no I don’t like any pricing history on that but I’m guessing they did start it’s probably pumped a lot of ads into it into this particular shirt it’s doing well but it is a very high price point for a shirt in general but you can see that it targeted teachers and students like you’re supposed to you should for a pi day that’s that’s what you want to do it a lot of these aren’t doing that at all even though like that’s where people are so that’s my listing right there that’s not even a sponsor listing that’s just naturally where it’s at you know date page one you see page one not a sponsored link just a regular link [Music] Shh all right yeah so you just want to keep in mind when you’re creating your listings here that you uh keep in mind who your audience is so that’s why I put in a title cuz the title is the most important spot for your for your your keyword your keyword phrases so then I did a pretty simple bullets you know perfect t-shirt I made sure I included the version of t-shirt here that I did not already have in the title or in the brand so it’ll be Pride pie day math math students teachers that were similar I’m sure your Flair celebrate pi day March 14th and include the day they’re just in kids English searching for March 14th particularly again I had the version of t-shirt that was tea space shirts because I did not have that currently in there even though Amazon will look at t-shirt and it will actually subtract the – it will do a version of of that width I fan without the – but it’s still good to have that somewhere else I did math majors so that’s that’s hitting college students there graduate students there we go we got math I’m hitting math nerds and Geeks hitting all the keywords there because you see that I don’t have that in the brand no more but I still do have it in the and like the keyword or in the bullets here um and the description doesn’t matter because uh it doesn’t hold any kind of weight in your listing so you can put whatever you want in the description well that’s how I built out these two listings here you don’t need to look at that one because that one didn’t do any success so I hope this kind of gives you an idea about what I did to get these shirts to be successful and the short amount of time that I did have it on the the website on Amazon again I listed these shirts on January 26th which is too much outs you know you can go as far as three months you know if you really wanted to keep make make sure you had your listing has some real age to it but I did it two months out I was able to get it down to so far get this one listing down to seventeen hundred or seventeen thousand I was able to get my second listing here down to thirty-five thousand which are very good very good rankings currently I sold about twenty of one shirt and about eighteen or seventeen eighteen of the other shirts a day and in total you could see 120 to 117 for the other not that many returns they’re selling across all the different colors what’s interesting here to note is that Navy was one of the leaf spot colors across all the different colors you could see that purple does surprisingly well right we always black black is always gonna be the best one but you can see that purple did surprisingly well and then cranberry I actually don’t like to use red I think red is too bright of a color I like to use cranberry because Granberry is just a little bit darker than red but it still has that red flavor to it so I actually like to use cranberry and you can see the cranberry in one of these was actually the second-best comparatively it sold the same as a purple but still came a second place in this way it’s ordered it and then we have royal blue coming in second to last and then Navy coming in last there so it gives you perspective about how you want to be doing your listings when you do to start doing your dark colors keep in mind I believe there was a study when I was selling on Facebook I used to sell shirts on Facebook I read one study that said there for women right after black and navy the next most popular color was purple okay so keep in mind that when you’re creating shirts for women purple is most likely gonna sell better than pink and still better than yellow and sell better than a lot of other colors in the studies the studies show when they reviewed a cut across a whole bunch of different types of shirts that purple for women was one of the top performing colors right after black and navy so give me a little little little help there but I hope that this video did help in help people understand a little bit about my process when it comes to making holiday shirts just a little side note here so out of that out of all these cells here I had a total of four hundred and seventy seven dollars in nine cents profit so far with an ad spend of a hundred fifty six dollars and eighty cents that means that I had a total profit minus ad cost of three hundred and twenty dollars and twenty-nine cents so far I still have a couple more days of cells to go through that are gonna be reported today and tomorrow we’ll probably I’ll probably see some more cells go through especially today I’ll probably how good a good amount of cells come through today was the one of the first days that I’ve ever had a over eight hundred dollars actually had almost two hundred dollars in profit in royalties today the last time I had that was during Christmas so these holidays are really good I did not have successful state Patrick’s Day but I also didn’t put much effort into Saint Patrick’s Day I decided that I was gonna go after pi day instead of Saint Patrick’s Day this year because I thought that it would probably be less targeted and I’m kind of glad I did because it was very successful for me compared to me I’m sure people had way more success with pi day than I did but for me these are very successful numbers and just for future reference for people who are not aware of the upcoming holidays let me see if I can find this here I’ll bring this over here this is my little notepad so this is where I keep track of the different holidays so we’re on st. Patrick’s or we’re on pi day and st. Patrick’s Day right now the Mother’s Day free for the UK is on the 31st of course we got Easter on the 21st of April and then Earth Day on the 22nd so make sure you are targeting Earth Day we got May 4th or may the 4th be with you for Star Wars day on a May 4th and then Cinco DeMayo so make sure you get your Cinco DeMayo big big shirt day Cinco de Mayo a lot of people are gonna be going drinking so you want to get your drinking stuff remember do not target kids and then of course one of the biggest shirt days of the year we got Mother’s Day on May 12th Memorial Day for our Army’s our military and veterans we do on the 22nd of May and then you can probably even start targeting Pride Day or Pride Month Pride Day is in Pride Month but you can start doing your LGBT type products start putting them out now so they could start getting ranking then we got Flag Day and Father’s Day but you definitely want to make sure that you are doing at least these holidays currently if you’re not already doing them you should you should be creating products for them now so they can get the rankings that they need but when they actually start to start to really come and ramp up in the actual selling season for each of these individual holidays here so these are the holidays that I keep track of of course there are going to be minut holidays in between but these are the primary ones that I make sure they always have shirts up for or repost shirts from last year or edit shirts from last year that we’re selling but I want to really improve upon the listing so they can convert a little bit higher I hope this helped anybody or somebody out there and if you did like this video please give this video a thumbs up if you managed to get this far obviously you probably did like the video so go hit that thumbs up button leave a comment if you got any questions subscribe to the channel if you aren’t already subscribed and please do look at the description as there are plenty of links to different other stuff about merch by Amazon listed in the links thank you for for watching this video and I will see you on the other side

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