ducking I decided to film this video my computer and Wi-Fi I decided to just break so that’s how my nights going tons of you guys asked me to read my common app essay and my supplements so that is what we’re doing now I also wrote I didn’t SMA but I did write in my additional information section and I’ll go over what I wrote in that at the end I comment up si is no amazing work of literature but I put a lot of time and effort into it and I genuinely think that it’s real it’s me and it’s one of my defining stories I’m no genius but I’m very passionate and enthusiastic about what I do and that’s really what I try to show in this essay in all my school I was really smart I was in the gifted program and all that but then in middle school total 180 like it was a disaster and then at the very end of eighth grade I just suddenly fell in love with science and ever since that room and its really been a defining thing in my life and in this essay I tell that story I briefly go into the moment I fell in love with science but what I really try to focus on is how it has shaped me into the person I am today in the person who I want to be when I submitted my essays early I did not submit it with a title if I had had to apply to Regular Decision schools the title of my essay would be a volcanic revelation here we go prompt 5 discuss an accomplishment event or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others February 11th 2014 the state has since been claimed by my calendar as my science anniversary snow gently touched my window as I filled out a worksheet about the fiery nature of shield cinder cone and composite volcanoes aside from the juxtaposition of the moment this day lacked anything particularly interesting out of nowhere i abruptly felt as if an actual light bulb switched on above my head the idea that completed the circuit is unbeknownst to me but i do know that those volcanoes made something click i was overcome with curiosity my perception of life suddenly broadened into something infinite astronomy was our next unit there’s arguably no better feel to foster a newborn thinker I soon found that there were explanations or theories that attempted to explain literally anything into everything that could cross my mind intrigued my thirst for questions became insatiable the hours would creep into the early mornings as I stayed awake captivated by online solar system models documentaries on quantum theory and YouTube videos on beautifully complex topics is your read the same red is my red can we really touch anything where was the big bang I fell in love with asking these endless questions and delving into the science that could answer them the aspect of science that both excited and comforted me the most was the idea that I could spend my whole life learning researching engineering and innovating it I would never have all the answers since then my curiosity has expanded in all directions I’m now esmeralda stiix fascinated by the prospects of genetic engineering alerted by the power of digital art and obsessed with the aesthetics of writing but no matter the broadness of my intellectual pursuits each always falls back on science science provides me with the understanding that I crave I see myself in college and Beyond researching and engineering and fighting for solutions I want to find the best form of gene therapy and map each neuron in the human brain all the while heightening scientific literacy by sharing with the public the beauty of discovery unlocking the secrets of the universe makes me feel strong and alive when I march around a classroom with my healed black boots in one of my leather jackets and I successfully build an argument backed by legitimate experimentation and analysis I feel powerful when a student I tutor or a friend I have asks me to explain a phenomenon and I can provide an answer I feel confident when I walk into my physics classroom and remember that I am the only girl in the room I don’t feel insecure I feel proud of how I’ve pushed myself to follow my passions above all when I look up at the stars and the layers that separate me from the Infinity I feel as though if I jump high enough or stare hard enough I can ascend through the layers of atmosphere and just exist in the vibrant emptiness of space flying through the stars moving on a blanket of nothing and everything in acknowledging the grandeur of the universe I feel immense my mind has grown too an endless loop of interrogatives everything around me everyone I meet every word I read every number I see everything gets woven into the loop rather than causing me to swell with anxiety the constant exchange of questions and conclusions comforts and energizes my soul call a coincidence or call it fate but in late 2015 the United Nations officially established the International Day of women and girls in science the date chosen was February 11th in a world full of unknowns science is my solace it’s my inspiration my passion and my strength and I cannot wait to make it my future just watch footage and my hat was covering my face during this of that super into the essay trust me emotion was there you can see it because the Hat but it was there the best college essay advice I’ve ever heard was if your essay fell on the floor of your school and somebody picked it up they would immediately know it was yours your essay should be written in such a way that it could not be anybody else’s it’s yours it’s you it’s only you I’m quickly gonna go over my other essays and my additional information section the why Dartmouth one is 100 words or less and the other supplement is 250 to 300 words so two very short supplements the why Dartmouth one is self-explanatory why do you want to go to the school and the other one focuses more on who you are and what you value and what may be a unique experience in your life was that isn’t represented anywhere else on your coming up the questions range from what brings you joy what inspires your curiosity share a moment when your actions were motivated solely by kindness that kind of stuff really cute actually so I’m just gonna read my why Dartmouth won it’s 100 words or less really short it’s mine was 99 words nice after exploring the history and Rahner library seeing the calm beauty of the life sciences greenhouse and accidentally finding Bartlett tower I knew that Dartmouth is where I belong every student I encountered was so welcoming and energetic the latter was particularly prominent later at the homecoming game against Yale at Dartmouth I feel as though I can take any place on campus and make it home at Dartmouth I can thrive as a scientist and innovator while also gaining effective communication skills for the Internet age by pursuing a digital arts minor at Dartmouth everything feels right so super simple you know I had other versions of this that were more emotional and more detailed but there’s a lot of stuff I wanted to say but it’s only a hundred words and 100 words way less than you feel like it is the biggest advice I can give for the wife insert school here question is just be honest you know mentioned specific programs if you want but if you toured the school talk about what made you fall in love with it you know so the prompt I chose to answer for my supplement was prompt deep twenty years ago the world met Harry Potter and his companions one of the more memorable lines from the JK Rowling series was spoken by Albus Dumbledore happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light what ideas or experiences bring you joy as I said before this was 250 to 300 words and I’m actually not going to read mine because it was it’s a very personal story it cried writing it if you cry while you’re writing an essay that’s a good sign I took a risk with this essay when I wrote this essay my goal was to show how I perceive the world but also mentioned specific experiences that I went through growing up growing up that changed my life you know and changed my perspective sorry I’m not reading that one it’s just very personal and it has some details that I don’t know writing essays I think it’s very helpful to have a goal in mind like what is the purpose of your essay why are you writing this what do you want the reader to feel after they read this a lot of people don’t make use of the additional information section I think my additional information section had a positive impact on my application it was a last-minute thing that I added like the day over the day before I submitted my application there were all of these things that I didn’t think were expressed anywhere else in my application that I thought that were important things that I had accomplished you can use your additional information section for anything you can I heard one guy or like about his humor like his sense of humor the first section I just clarified some irregularities on my transcript I skipped a few classes in high school and I taught them to myself over the summer to just like make up time so I could take like more challenging classes at a younger level so I just explained that whole situation and then for my other section of my additional I wrote as you can hopefully tell from the rest of my application I care deeply about science in addition to the pursuit of science helping others learn it is also very important to me I’ve spent my entire high school career trying to expand my school’s science program following are a few examples and then I just go on to list various ways in which I have tried to expand my school science program just finish it off with a quick sentence I believe that an understanding of stem is a vital skill for the president in the future I’ve tried my best to create an environment at my school that shares this perspective because I have and you know what this [Music] hell again alright thank you so much for watching I hope that that was at least a little helpful good luck if you’re finishing your applications a lot of people asked about my activities section I don’t think I’m gonna have time to make a video that will go over that and I’m really sorry but Josh Beasley actually has a really helpful video on it I link that down below I actually I his video really helped me out when making mine I really liked the format that he set his up in it’s kind of how I modeled mine as well okay bye

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