The Fine Line Between A Poor Date And Sexual Assault: 2 Vista On Aziz Ansari

The Fine Line Between A Poor Date And Sexual Assault: 2 Vista On Aziz Ansari published a lady’s account of a romantic date with comedian Aziz Ansari that she says converted into “the worst evening” of her life. In discussion with NPR’s Kelly McEvers, two authors — Caitlin Flanagan for the Atlantic and Anna North of Vox — discuss whether or not the tale defines a date that is bad intimate attack or one thing in between.


Folks are speaking a great deal as to what occurred following a supper date involving the comedian Aziz Ansari and a new woman going because of the title of Grace. That is not her genuine title. The internet site Babe published her account of this date and stated it safeguarded her identification because she actually is perhaps not a general public figure. Grace claims she chose to tell her tale after she saw Aziz Ansari winnings a prize at the other day’s Golden Globes. He had been putting on a pin to aid the motion against intimate assault and harassment.


Grace and Ansari met at an event this past year. They texted a short while later. They eventually sought out. Grace defines just exactly exactly what she claims ended up being find a bride the worst evening of her life. And also this story has triggered a debate that is huge. Did she experience intimate attack as she stated, or had been it simply a negative date? We will hear from two females with different views. And obviously we will be pressing on some mature themes, which means this discussion is probably not ideal for all audience.

Anna North has been us. She is a senior reporter whom covers gender problems at Vox. greeting to your show.

ANNA NORTH: Many Thanks a great deal for having me.

MCEVERS: And Caitlin Flanagan is just a author and editor that is contributing The Atlantic. She actually is with us on Skype. Welcome to you.


MCEVERS: okay, merely to set this story up a bit more, Grace claims that things got real at Aziz Ansari’s apartment after supper. They kissed. He performed dental sex on her. She was asked by him to complete exactly the same. She quickly did. He had been desperate to have sexual intercourse. She claims she’d make an effort to go away she was uncomfortable with the situation from him and used, quote, “verbal and non-verbal cues” to show. Yet he kept attempting. She fundamentally claims she is going to phone an automobile. He gets her an Uber, and she renders. And she seems violated. And i simply wish to ask you to answer both – and now we’ll begin with Caitlin – that which was your reaction that is first when check this out story?

FLANAGAN: I became actually amazed that this piece had known as this guy, kept the accuser’s name key then had really detailed large amount of actions that i did not think after all qualified as intimate attack by just about any degree. I believe he did some things that are dishonorable. I do believe he did several things that, you realize, if I happened to be allowed to be the individual in control of approving or disapproving of just what he did, I believe there have been several things he did that have beenn’t good. Nonetheless it had been to date far from any journalistic standard. I was thinking it had been really shocking. And I also thought, that is a terrible thing to do in order to someone.

MCEVERS: And, Anna, how about you? just just What’d you might think?

NORTH: after all, really, my reaction that is first was type of recognition. This is certainly a situation that i have heard from my buddies. That is – the behavior she defines through Ansari is behavior that I’ve heard males confess to inside their lives that are own. This feels real familiar so i thought, like, yep. And I did have questions regarding, should Babe have managed it in this manner? But eventually, like, my very first idea had been this tale – this really is simply so common.

MCEVERS: And Caitlin, you had written, you realize, about type of a generational divide whenever it comes to situations such as this. It had been actually interesting. In your piece, you chatted concerning the mags – the publications and mags which you read within the ’60s in addition to ’70s as to what females must do in times such as this. As well as on the main one hand, those mags, you understand, blamed you in the event that you wore too in short supply of a skirt. But having said that, they told you to definitely keep your angry cash and try to escape you didn’t like, right if you were in a situation?

FLANAGAN: Well, i am talking about, once I check ladies – i am within my 50s – they have achieved therefore much that is merely – after all, ladies my age simply relax in awe, you realize? Their objectives for jobs, the forms of jobs they’re going into, their battle to be compensated equally to guys – it really is breathtaking. Then again in this 1 core area, they are so poor, which is they jump into these, you realize, hookup circumstances. I’ve zero comment that is moralistic that.

After which they become terrified to state the one thing that individuals had been taught straight away – do not kiss me personally if I don’t desire to be kissed. I positively refuse. I am walking out of here. As well as for a person who’s such as the Aziz Ansari in this example who was simply setting up zero threatening behavior towards her, she said no precisely one some time their reaction had been, why don’t we place our clothing on. You realize, she was put by him turn in their crotch a lot of times, that is undoubtedly incorrect. But it is – become exposed this method, i believe, is crazy.

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