The latest News about Hungary.

The latest News about Hungary.

Coronavirus Lothar Matthäus is stuck in Dubai: “It’s very stressful”

Lothar Matthäus is stuck after a vacation trip with his wife and son in Dubai. Neither Hungary, nor to Germany, the family could travel, he revealed in an Interview.

ESC in 2020, Hungary’s ESC participation: homophobia Is the real reason?

Two weeks ago, cancelte Hungary, the participation of the ESC in 2020. A reason was not called. Well, it is suspected, the event was the local government may be to queer.

Draw for the Playoffs for Euro 2020 draw for the EM-Playoffs! These are the possible opponents of Germany.

The Playoffs to decide the last four Tickets for the UEFA EURO 2020. 22. November was held in Nyon the draw for the Playoff games.

Which Teams are and how the EM-Playoffs 2020 work, you can find here.

Empress Elisabeth royale rebel gets her own series.

The life of Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary is filmed as a series. The screenwriter is tested in Royal stories already. These Details are already known.

Mick Schumacher, HE will soon Surpass Schumi? Premiere victory in the formula 2!

It looks a little like a family catching up. Because Mick Schumacher fits apparently getting better in the footsteps of his father. On Facebook the 20-Year-old shows itself in a frenzy of joy.

And the Fans are happy with him.

Bloody murder in Vienna Beastly! Woman stabs and dismembers her friend.

In Hungary, the children were found randomly several bags full of body parts. The trail led the police to a young woman in Vienna. The investigation signed an unfathomable case of violence.

Formula 1 Hungary GP in 2017 and the results of Sebastian Vettel driving in Budapest on the Pole Position.

Lewis Hamilton must wait a little for the Pole Position record in formula 1. In Hungary Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari dominated in qualifying. Everything to the Grand Prix of Hungary you can find here!

DTM in 2017, raced at the Hungaroring results place 1! Audi celebrates double success in Budapest.

For the third race weekend of the season, the DTM Station in Budapest and the Hungaroring place of exciting racing action was made for the show. All of the results in the DTM in 2017, you can read here.

Handball world championship in 2017 in the Live-Stream and as a review of the results of France in Handball world Cup in the semi-final – Germany-Vanquisher is out.

France and Croatia in the round of the last Four of the Handball world championship are normal. Also in Slovenia, the catchment is not uncommon. But Norway?

As you can see all the games live today, read here.

International Green week 2017 in Berlin, All info about Tickets, program, and exhibitors at the food fair.

In Berlin the International Green week 2017 will take place starting this weekend. Whether Opening times, Tickets, program: Here you will learn everything you need to know about the fair .

Handball world Cup 2017 in the Live-Stream of the DKB and via the YouTube App handball players not to nominate for the time being – Gensheimer-departure unclear.

The world Cup kick-off was tedious, but successful. The hard-fought victory against Hungary is mainly due to two German hand Bang to. Into the next game, the DHB-selection is now the clear favourite.

H5N8 in Germany, the Killer Virus spreads! So dangerous bird flu is .

Killer Virus from Asia: In Europe, bird flu spreads further and further. In five European countries, cases have been reported, even parts of Germany are affected. But how dangerous is avian flu for humans?

Austria vs. Hungary – view of the Kaiser-Derby of Euro 2016: will sing both anthems .

Today Austria will start in the European championship in 2016. In the Emperor’s Derby is against Hungary. Alaba and co. are considered to be the clear favorite, but a statistic that could make the Austrians a dash through the bill .

“Henssler limitless” as a review on Vox Now goulash, Langos and co.! As Steffen Henssler cooked in the Puszta.

Star chef Steffen Henssler, a perfect Hungarian goulash soup in the last episode of “Henssler limitless” in the Puszta, to self-change. So you see the show as a repeat in the Mediathek Vox Now.

That’s why you want to go to Scandinavia Terminus Sweden: refugees to the Baltic sea.

For thousands of refugees, the difficult to not the end of journey in Germany. It pulls you even further to the North: the dream destination of Sweden. Why the asylum seekers to Scandinavia want and what awaits you there, you can find here.

Victor Orban & democracy in Hungary The dictator in the neighbourhood.

The neighbouring country of Hungary is drifting more and more into an autocratic state. President Victor Orban has embarked on in the last few years, a dubious course. The country still fits into the EU?

Executions in the world In a fight to the death: So terrible executions run .

USA, Indonesia, Iraq, in many countries in the world to be accomplished today, even executions. Whether by lethal injection, shooting, command, or death by Hanging: As gruesome executions to run from.

New Trend of health tourism As well dental treatments in Hungary are ?

Dental treatment in Germany can be very expensive – and as bargain offers for dental treatments abroad seem to be particularly tempting. But what these All-Inclusive trips are good, including medical care, really? Here you will learn how a dental treatment in Hungary can expire and whether the trip is worth it.

Formula 1 at the Hungaroring, Hungary GP 2014: Riccicardo brings victory.

At the Grand Prix of Hungary, Lewis Hamilton not driving in formula 1 in 2014, only against Nico Rosberg, but Michael Schumacher. However, Ricciardo triumphed at the Hungaroring. So you can see all the F1-decisions in a free Live-Stream RTL Inside and in the TV (such as RTL, Sky, Sport1).

Wild Russia 12-Year-old because of thick eggs in prison.

A Hungarian Young steals in Russia a mobile phone. Because of his age, is not known, the judge, his 27. Januar 2020 – Leben Hack genitals examined.

The verdict: The Boy is 16 – and just age of criminal responsibility. He has big eggs and is now sitting in jail.

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